The First Productivity Planner based on the scientific concept of
"backward planning"
to help you Get More Done!

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Titan Planner

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A scientifically proven concept.

Titan Planner works on anyone and everyone willing to commit to their dreams. Scientific studies have shown that backward planning can literally change your life in eight weeks with consistent practice, though we have seenour clients’ lives change in as little as two weeks. Again and again we hear stories from clients whose lives have become focused, purposeful, meaningful, grateful, happy and exciting! The benefits go on and on!


> Undated – 6 Month Planner & Calendar.
> Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Morning & Evening Rituals.
> Inspirational Quotes.
> Gratitude List.
> Titan Checklist.
> Today’s Victories

Frequently Asked Questions

Titan Planner is the first productivity planner based on the scientific concept of “backward planning” to help you live an amazing and meaningful life. We edited the concept of productivity planning to make it easy, inspirational and exciting for everyone.

Titan Planner is based on the scientific concept of “backward planning”.

The idea is to start with your ultimate objective - your Titan goal -, and then work backward from there to develop your plan. By starting at the end and looking back, you can prepare yourself for success, map out the milestones you need to reach, and realize where in your plan you have to be particularly gritty or creative to achieve the desired outcome.

Backward planning is different from traditional planning. You need to force yourself to think from a completely new perspective, to help you see things that you might miss if you use traditional planning.

This combined with inspirational quotes from Titans – past and present –, a gratitude list, and daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rituals make Titan Planner the most effective productivity planner!

Titan Planner is an undated, 6-month productivity planner. It has a total of 260 pages.

Titan Planner is 189 x 217 mm – 7.4 x 8.5”

Titan Planner is 100% made with recycled materials.

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