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from Founder/CEO Ruben Lhasa

Titan Planner

Titan Planner is the first Productivity Planner based on the concept of “Backward Planning” to help you live an amazing and meaningful life.

The idea is to start with your ultimate objectives - your Titan goals -, and then work backward from there to develop your plan.

By starting at the end and looking back, you can prepare yourself for success, map out the milestones you need to reach, and realize where in your plan you will have to be particularly gritty or creative to achieve your goals.

Titan Planner works on anyone and everyone willing to commit to achieving their goals. Scientific studies have shown that backward planning can literally change your life in eight weeks with consistent practice, though we have seen our clients’ lives change in as little as two weeks. Again and again we hear stories from clients whose lives have become focused, purposeful, meaningful, grateful, happy and exciting. The benefits go on and on!

Titan Planner’s clean, minimalist design focuses you on what matters to you the most, so at the end of your life, you’ll be able to say: “I had an amazing and meaningful life.”

The History:

I was living in my one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, California, when I received a phone call from my mother, informing me that she had stage IV cancer. Shaken by the news, and being the only child in the family, I took the first plane back home.

It was during this time taking care of my mother that I, for the first time in my life, got in touch with my own mortality. I asked myself:

If I were in the last hour of my last day, what would be the things that I would have liked to have achieved in my life for me to say ‘I had an amazing and meaningful life?’

I wrote those things down on a piece of paper.

Realizing that a lifetime is truly limited, I narrowed down my list to the five things that, at the end of my life, would matter to me the most; what I called “My Titan 5 for Life”.

With this list, I went back to the present, and said to myself: 'OK, this is where I am. And this is where I want to be.’ And then, I realized that the gap in between is simply WORK.

Considering that some of “My Titan 5 for Life” seemed quite daunting, especially at the time, I broke them down into smaller, actionable bits.

Since I couldn’t find a system to help me plan my life backward and break down my Titan goals, I created my own planner on Microsoft Word. I called it “My Titan Planner.”

Ever since, I’ve been able to turn my lifelong dreams into reality – still am: I went from renting a one-bedroom apartment in LA to owning different houses around the world… I married the love of my life… We have three beautiful sons... We get to travel all around the world, meet amazing people and live phenomenal experiences… but most importantly, I get to live the kind of life that I’ve designed for myself: My Titan Life.

By starting at the end and looking back, you will be able to prepare yourself for an amazing and meaningful life, map out the different milestones you need to reach and realize where in your plan you will have to be particularly gritty or creative to achieve your goals.

I am no genius... If I can do it, so can you!

Have a Titan Life!

Ruben Lhasa
Founder & CEO